Poema del Mar Aquarium

Poema del Mar Aquarium
Poema del Mar Aquarium
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The Heart of Poema Del Mar Public Aquarium

It has been almost 3 years since the Poema del Mar Aquarium has opened its gates to the public. In July 2020 the facility published a video presentation of the filtration systems powering the largest curved aquarium in the world.

We are very thankful to the Kiessling family, Poema del Mar and Loro Parque Group, for allowing people to observe the practicality and advantages of MAT Aquarium Filtration Systems. With your continuous quest for excellence in ALSS performance we developed further our equipment design. You played a significant role in developing MAT brand to where it is today.

Vassilis Sklavounos, Global Sales Director of MAT Filtration Technologies

MAT Filtration Technologies designed, manufactured, commissioned and installed all the Life Support Systems on this magnificent public aquarium which, until today, is one of the largest aquariums in the world.

Filtration Systems Video Presentation

The Heart of Poema Del Mar Public Aquarium

Aquarium UV Sterilization Systems Presentation by Poema del Mar

Poema Del Mar Aquarium Completed

On 3th of June, 2018, upon completion of the project, MAT Filtration Technologies received a recommendation letter from Loro Parque, Siam Park and Poeam del Mar. Since then, MAT has worked with the Loro Parque Group in other projects as well like the Loro Parque Zoo Hippopotamus and the Loro Parque Quarantine Facilities.

From Planet Ocean in Montpellier, to the Poema del Mar quarantine facilities and finally at the great Deep Sea

We are glad to see MAT aquarium systems’ role in the transfer and adaptation of this shark ray from the Montpellier aquarium to the great Poema del Mar Deep Sea tank. The Bowmouth Guitarfish currently is the largest specimen in the facility and it is a critically endangered species in the natural environment.

From Planet Ocean to the Poema del Mar quarantine facilities & finally at the Deep Sea Aquarium

History of Poema del Mar

SCADA Powered Aquarium Systems
SCADA Powered Aquarium Systems

On 2015 MAT Filtration Technologies was awarded by the Loro Parque Group to provide the Life Support Systems for the Poema del Mar (Poem of the Sea) Aquarium in Gran Canaria, Spain. Christoph Kiessling, Vice President of Loro Parque & Siam Park, Erdem Akartepe Vice President & Vassilis Sklavounos Global Sales Director of MAT LSS sealed the deal of the contract in July 2015. MAT LSS will design, manufacture, supply, install and commission the Aquarium Filtration Systems (AFS) at Poema del Mar.

The new aquarium is being built in the port area of ​​Las Palmas and will be one of the most impressive aquariums in the world, and definitely the most energy efficient and Eco-friendly in Europe. The project will be completed in late 2016 and is expected to have around 500,000 visitors per year. The total water volume of the aquarium is going to be 9,000,000 ltrs and it will host about 350 species of fish, sharks, amphibians and other animals. The wonderful public aquarium facility will host more than 40 exhibits. Read more about the Aquarium and see video renderings of the interior and exterior area here.

Getting ready for the Poema Del Mar Project – (Animated Video Presentation)

Poema del Mar Aquarium

Work in progress (2016-2017)