Ozone Generators

  • ΜΑΤ Ozone Generator
    ΜΑΤ Ozone Generator
  • ΜΑΤ Ozone Generator
    ΜΑΤ Ozone Generator
  • MAT Ozone Generator
    MAT Ozone Generator

    MAT Ozone Generator

How MAT can help you increase & insure water quality with MAT ozone water treatment.

Ozone GeneratorsMAT offers multiple solutions for water treatment of recirculating aquaculture and aquariums. We design and build our ozone generators and we built turnkey Life Support Systems that carry ozone water treatment systems. The MAT ozone generators and oxygen concentrators have several unique advantages that apply to aquaculture fish farming and public aquariums such as:
  • compact in size
  • built to resist corrosion
  • easy & safe to operate
  • low life cycle cost
  • ozone levels automatically controlled by redox/orp values
  • double dehydration silica filters
MAT Ozone Generator Technical Information Data Sheet
ModelOzone Output (g/h)Ozone Concentration (g/Nm³)Ozone Flow Rate (lpm)Air Conditioner (Filter and Dryer)Compressor Flow @6.5 Bar (lpm)Ozone Outlet Size - SS316 (mm)Corona Frequency (kHz)Footprint (mm)Inlet Ø (mm)Max Height (mm)Power Consumption (kW)Power SupplyOzone Production Method
OZ 55161-5111088102452011951.1115/220/230V 50/60Hz 6ACorona Discharge
OZ 1010401 - 51110810102452011951.1115/220/230V 50/60Hz 5ACorona Discharge
OZ 2020801 - 51110810102452011951.5115/220/230V 50/60Hz 6ACorona Discharge
OZ 30301001 - 51110810102452011951,5115/220/230V 50/60Hz 6ACorona Discharge
OZ 50501601 - 51110810125552016151.5115/220/230V 50/60Hz 6ACorona Discharge
OZ 757510012-151220810125552016151.75115/220/230V 50/60Hz 6ACorona Discharge
OZ 1001001665-101220810125552016151.75115/220/230V 50/60Hz 6ACorona Discharge

Available Options for Ozone Generators

  • ORP Control plus ORP Probe
  • PPM Control plus PPM Probe