Ozone Generators

Ozone Generators
Ozone Generator for Aquariums


MAT OZONE GENERATORS are designed & manufactured in-house to provide stable and actual ozone delivery in high humidity environments. MAT Ozone generators are sensitive electrical equipment fabricated specifically for aquarium and aquaculture filtration room conditions. MAT Ozone units cover a wide variety of high quality Ozone Production needs, starting from 5g/h up to 100g/h. MAT Ozone generators maximize the efficiency of the water treatment process when paired with one of the MAT integrated Compact System components or used as a stand-alone disinfection system. MAT Ozone Generators are designed for stable use, low power consumption, minimized footprint and operation in saline and humid ambient conditions. Fitted with regenerative air dryers, MAT Ozone generators provide efficient dry air supply.


MAT OZONE GENERATORS offer the solution for an effective, safe & natural disinfection process. Ozone is a dangerous and unstable gas and must be produced & distributed understrict operations conditions. MAT has the technology and expertise to design safe ozone systems to deliver the actual ozone specified output.

MAT OZONE GENERATORS are applicable to Aquaculture Facilities, Aquarium Life Support Systems and all Water and Air disinfection applications.


Ozone Generators Engineering
The inside Ozone Engineering of a 2014 model

MAT OZONE GENERATORS utilize one low energy consumption air dryer, to supply dry air to the Oxygen Concentrators. The dried air is supplied to the Oxygen Concentrators by an oil free compressor. These Oxygen Concentrators work on the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption)principle, leading to a high purity ~93%, discriminated from air Oxygen, which is ready for the final process step through the Ceramic Corona Cell. The process inside to the Ceramic Corona Cell involves a powerful electric discharge that splits Oxygen molecule to atoms, which for stability reasons, they are attached to other intact Oxygen molecules forming Ozone. All the components of the MAT ozone generators are repairable and replaceable.

Ozone Generator Technology

MAT offers multiple solutions for water treatment of recirculating aquaculture and aquariums. We design and build our ozone generators and we built turnkey Life Support Systems that carry ozone water treatment systems. The MAT ozone generators and oxygen concentrators have several unique advantages that apply to aquaculture fish farming and public aquariums such as:

How MAT can help you increase & insure water quality with MAT ozone water treatment.

  • Built-in Oxygen Concentrators to produce high quality Ozone
  • Built-in Air Dryers to increase Ozone Generator efficiency & performance
  • Built-in Oil free air compressor
  • Built-in Oxygen Concentrators
  • Built-in Ventilation
  • Ceramic Corona Cell
  • Low energy consumption Air Dryer
  • Low pressure drops
  • User friendly interface
  • Maintenance friendly design
  • Long service periods
  • Filter bypass implementation capability
  • +3 °C pressure dew-point
  • Suitable for tropical and high humidity conditions operation
  • R-134a, environmentally friendly gas
  • Small footprint
  • Automated, smart control of operation
  • Oil free compressor elongates the Air Dryer and Oxygen Concentrator life
  • Durable robust design excellent resistance to harsh environment
  • CE Certification
  • No filter clogs
  • No need of periodic backwashing
  • No problems due to sludge bulking
  • Resistive and durable structure Low head pressure loss
  • Reduced sludge production
  • No need of periodic backwashing
  • No sludge bulking
  • Complete organic load removal
  • Compact Unit with increased treating process capacity

Ozone Generators - SPECIFICATIONS

Ozone GeneratorPrice (BC) (€)Footprint
[mm] Width
[mm] Depth
Max Height [mm]Ozone
Output [g/h]
Ozone Concentration [g/m³]Nominal
Energy Consumption [W]
Max Energy Consumption [W]Nominal Energy Consumption [A]Max Energy Consumption [A]Supply Voltage 50/60 Hz [V]Ozone Outlet
SS 316 [mm]
Ozone Flow
Rate [L/min]
Total Heat Load [W]Air Conditioner Filter+DryerDevice
Weight [kg]
Ozone Production Method
OZ-53405.7590060512505176569003.9351~22085187.81100Corona Discharge
OZ-104001.89006051250103478310004.2851~22085205.41112Corona Discharge
OZ-205873.6810506801250203487314504.716.51~220810278.61153Corona Discharge
OZ-306682.8910506801250305093215505.4891~220810364.21175Corona Discharge
OZ-509978.951050680125050412042269010.51131~220810597.21170Corona Discharge
OZ-7512346.151250750161575413674490016.64143~400815995.61190Corona Discharge
OZ-10019076.9212507501615100384472700023.15143~4008401438.41326Corona Discharge
Ozone GeneratorPrice (BC) (€)Footprint
[ft] Width
[ft] Depth
Max Height [mm]Ozone
Output [oz/h]
Ozone Concentration [oz/ft³]Nominal Energy Consumption [W]Max Energy Consumption [W]Nominal Energy Consumption [A]Max Energy Consumption [A]Supply Voltage
50Hz [V]
Ozone Outlet
SS 316 [in]
Ozone Flow Rate [gpm]Total Heat Load [W]Air Conditioner Filter+DryerDevice
Weight [lbs]
Ozone Production Method
OZ-53405,752' 11"1' 12"4' 1"0.180.026569003.9351~2201/4"1.32187.81220Corona Discharge
OZ-104001,82' 11"1' 12"4' 1"0.350.0378310004.2851~2201/4"1.32205.41247Corona Discharge
OZ-205873,683' 5"2' 3"4' 1"0.710.0387314504.716.51~2201/4"2.64278.61337Corona Discharge
OZ-306682,893' 5"2' 3"4' 1"1.060.0593215505.4891~2201/4"2.64364.21386Corona Discharge
OZ-509978,953' 5"2' 3"4' 1"1.760.042042269010.51131~2201/4"2.64597.21375Corona Discharge
OZ-7512346,154' 1"2' 6"5' 4"2.650.043674490016.64143~4001/4"3.96995.61419Corona Discharge
OZ-10019076,924' 1"2' 6"5' 4"3.530.044472700023.15143~4001/4"10.571438.41719Corona Discharge
* MAT FILTRATION TECHNOLOGIES™ preserves the right to update anytime the listed prices (if any). Every effort has been made so that the above specs are accurate. However please contact our Sales Department for up to date technical data, electrical specs according to your regional requirements and current Ex-Works pricelist. The listed prices are for the basic equipment and do not include any optional components.

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