Ozone Generators

  • ΜΑΤ Ozone Generator
    ΜΑΤ Ozone Generator
  • ΜΑΤ Ozone Generator
    ΜΑΤ Ozone Generator
  • MAT Ozone Generator
    MAT Ozone Generator

    MAT Ozone Generator

How MAT can help you increase & insure water quality with MAT ozone water treatment.

Ozone GeneratorsMAT offers multiple solutions for water treatment of recirculating aquaculture and aquariums. We design and build our ozone generators and we built turnkey Life Support Systems that carry ozone water treatment systems. The MAT ozone generators and oxygen concentrators have several unique advantages that apply to aquaculture fish farming and public aquariums such as:
  • compact in size
  • built to resist corrosion
  • easy & safe to operate
  • low life cycle cost
  • ozone levels automatically controlled by redox/orp values
  • double dehydration silica filters
MAT Ozone Generator Technical Information Data Sheet
MAT Oz-0,5Plate System0,5 gr/hr30 W
MAT Oz-1Plate System1 gr/hr40 W
MAT Oz-2Plate System2 gr/hr50 W
MAT Oz-4Plate System4 gr/hr440 W
MAT Oz-6Plate System6 gr/hr440 W
MAT Oz-12Plate System12 gr/hr610 W
MAT Oz-25Plate System25 gr/hr780 W
MAT Oz-35Plate System35 gr/hr1100 W
MAT Oz-50Plate System50 gr/hr1750 W
MAT Oz-75Plate System75 gr/hr2600 W
MAT Oz-90Plate System90 gr/hr3200 W
MAT Oz-100Plate System100 gr/hr3500 W
MAT Oz-125Plate System125 gr/hr3950 W
MAT Oz-150Plate System150 gr/hr4700 W
MAT Oz-175Plate System175 gr/hr5500 W
MAT Oz-200Plate System200 gr/hr6250 W
MAT Oz-250Plate System250 gr/hr7800 W
MAT Oz-300Plate System300 gr/hr9000 W
MAT Oz-400Plate System400 gr/hr11,5 KW
MAT Oz-500Plate System500 gr/hr15 KW
MAT Oz-750Plate System750 gr/hr19 KW
MAT Oz-1000Plate System1000 gr/hr23 KW
MAT Oz-1250Plate System1250 gr/hr27 KW
MAT Oz-1500Plate System1500 gr/hr30 KW
MAT Oz-1750Plate System1750 gr/hr32 KW
MAT Oz-2000Plate System2000 gr/hr35 KW
MAT Oz-2250Plate System2250 gr/hr40 KW
MAT Oz-2500Plate System2500 gr/hr45 KW
MAT Oz-EX-12External Oxygen feed12 gr/hr260 W
MAT Oz-EX-25External Oxygen feed25 gr/hr260 W
MAT Oz-EX-50External Oxygen feed50 gr/hr320 W
MAT Oz-EX-75External Oxygen feed75 gr/hr420 W
MAT Oz-EX-100External Oxygen feed100 gr/hr840 W
MAT Oz-EX-125External Oxygen feed125 gr/hr1250 W
MAT Oz-EX-150External Oxygen feed150 gr/hr1700 W
MAT Oz-EX-175External Oxygen feed175 gr/hr2100 W
MAT Oz-EX-200External Oxygen feed200 gr/hr2530 W
MAT Oz-EX-250External Oxygen feed250 gr/hr2950 W

Available Options for Ozone Generators

  • ORP Control plus ORP Probe
  • PPM Control plus PPM Probe