Protein Skimmers designed for perfect water quality

MAT Protein Skimmer life support system (LSS), provides safe, high quality water and stable conditions to the aquarium and aquaculture industry. Our Protein Skimmer filtration systems remove mechanically 90% of the dissolved organics, proteins, fish food remains & tints from the water column. Our protein skimmer technology lowers bacteria and pathogen concentrations on the water. Above all, a professional Protein Skimmer should maximize saturation of oxygen in the water while it mixes and dissolves liquid oxygen and ozone.

A Protein Skimmer is a must addition to any traditional close circuit Life Support System such as pressurized sand filters, paper filter, algae scrappers, moving bead filters, cartridge filters and trickle filters.

Water that is filtered through traditional filters is constantly sieved through a trapped biowaste compartment. The media in that filter then, works as a bio-filter, promoting bacteria, which in turn strip out oxygen & promote decay. Consequently, the discharge from these filters is generally enriched with bacteria and dissolved organics resulting in reduced oxygen water concentration.

The fractionation filtration process is simple and highly effective. Air, (in most cases ozone as well), is injected into the bottom of the reaction chamber via an ozone resistant venturi injector. The water to be filtered is introduced at the top of the chamber and exits at the bottom. This creates a mass mixing effect, with the water traveling cross current to the air, which is essential for the effective formation of rich-thick foam. The foam rises through the column and becomes more concentrated as it passes into the upper rise tube. The tube allows for the water to drain back into the tank via gravity, while the concentrated foam is ejected over the top of the riser tube and collected into a waste drain cup. The upper chamber is automatically washed down every couple of hours with rinse systems that keep the surfaces clean and prevent the foam from drying and inhibiting the ejection process.

How Ozone and Protein Fractionation Works Together

Traditional water filtration systems, such as sand filters and sponge filters remove particulates but are ineffective against dissolved wastes and act as breeding grounds for pathogens, bacteria & viruses.

Ozone Injection enhances the fractionation process in many ways. Ozone is a strong oxidizer. In MAT LSS we use it to oxidize various pathogens, from bacteria to viruses. Ozone is extremely effective on organic water tints creating crystal clear water with minimal odours. Ozone also breaks down the structure of larger organic molecules, which facilitates their removal by fractionation through the protein skimmer technology. Being a three-part oxygen molecule, ozone dramatically increases oxygen concentration. If dosed properly, ozone is very safe and a MUST for pathogen free aquaculture practices.

The fractionation and ozone combination is extremely effective in a variety of applications. Grow out tanks and aquaria displays with heavy bio-loads become remarkably cleaner and sterile. Clean Systems, such as larval rearing or holding tanks will become crystal clear. Protein fractionation in combination with ozone is excellent for systems with heavy mucous concentrations such as closed or semi open finfish and shellfish holding systems. Other applications include purging systems, grow out systems, effluent treatment as well as influent water treatment for use within partial and full flow through systems.

Appetite and growth rates are enhanced and animal health will improve dramatically with proper infuse of ozone in the aquaculture system. The protein fractionation process increases water clarity and oxygen concentration while it destroys and removes pathogens. All resulting in higher stocking densities.

Aquaculture & Protein Skimmer Technology

Protein Skimmers - Life Support Systems - LSS
Protein Skimmers – Life Support Systems – LSS

Used within aquaculture, live seafood tanks as well as most public aquariums worldwide, protein fractionators are an essential component within any aquatic life support filtration system. Protein fractionation is effective in seawater, freshwater as well as brackish water systems, within partial or full flow applications. Individual models are available with processing flow rates from 30 to 4000 liters per minute.

For larger flow rate applications, our protein fractionators can be incorporated into any modular system design, thus allowing us to process any system volume where protein fractionation is required. In many cases, more than one Protein Fractionator/Skimmer is used to achieve maximum protein removal.

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Protein Skimmers – Commercial & Industrial Foam Fractionators

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