Why MAT Ozone Generator Technology in aquaculture improves water quality and increases aquaculture productivity?

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As recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) operate by reusing the aquarium waste water the ozone generator technology is essential to monitor the water quality. All existing studies show that treating RAS systems with ozone increases productivity as fish health and survival is insured via healthier water conditions.

At close circuit aquaculture and aquarium systems the organic load tend to be high and high density livestock eventually leads to infections and major issues to deal with bacteria, viruses & fungi. The use of ozone generator technology at RAS in aquaculture and public aquariums is a major source for the reduction of solids and DOC. An ozonizer often creates an environment that is less favorable for bacterial growth and with the use of a MAT UV sterilization device water is treated in the best possible way without the use of antibiotics and other water additives.

What is Ozone? – A scientific approach.

Ozone is a triatomic molecule, consisting of three oxygen atoms. It is a high energy shape of the oxygen which exists in double atoms atmosphere. We can express the difference between oxygen and ozone molecules as follows:The ozone layer in the upper atmosphere filters potentially damaging ultraviolet light from reaching the Earth’s surface. Ozone gas is heavier than air so it lowers to the ground, cleans weather by natural methods. Especially in rainy or stormy days, the smell we feel is the most intense shape of ozone which exists on the ground. It exists in the form of smoke at 10 million air particule per one particule (= 0.1 PPM =200 mg/m3) concentration in nearby parts. At altitude 2000 m altitude , it falls over to the level of 0.03 – 0.04 PPM. In this way, it is critically important as it protects the living organisms on earth.

In recent years, it is begun to use frequently because the oxidation of ozone gas is very effective and it is known the most powerful disinfectant and also according to other disinfection methods it doesn’t resign any trace which gives harm to human body.

Ozone Formula
Ozone Formula

Ozone which is very effective against micro organisms, is limited when living forms are growing.There is no harmful effects on animals and people in the limit of FDA (It has not to get over the rate of 0.1 PPM ). Upon breathing over the security level, there can be irritation effects on animals and people at mucosa tissues like nose, eyes, nasal fossae and lungs. It isn’t seen ant harmful effects on plants. Ozone gas is more powerful than any other disinfectant methods. Ozone has a power of suicidal effect for all types of blight, ferment, fungi, bacterium, virus by shivering cell walls.

In more detail, MAT Ozone Generator Technology will assist you for

The removal of colloidal solids with ozone micro flocculation

The organic load is a constant concern for RAS systems, especially at high load density & the water refresh exchange rate is low. Ozone has the ability to cause clumping or micro flocculation of fine and colloidal solids, which in turn facilitates removal by protein skimming filtration and finally sedimentation.

The removal of dissolved organic compounds

Ozone changes the characteristics of the dissolved organic compounds (DOC) by oxidation and precipitation which makes it easier to remove the DOC by bio filtration via MAT trickle filter biotowers & Moving Bed biotowers and finally sedimentation.

The chemical process to make lethal nitrite into harmless nitrate with ozone treatment

Nitrite growth is a common issue in high density load in aquarium and RAS operated hatcheries aquaculture facilities. When reducing the organic load with ozone treatment the risk of nitrite growth is also reduced. Among other chemical properties, ozone has the ability to oxidize nitrite to nitrate.

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Compact in size ozone generators. Easy and safe to operate with low life cycle cost. Maximum corrosion resistance. Suitable for any aquarium size.

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