Trickle Filters – Wet Dry Filtration
Aquarium Trickle Filter - Wet Dry Filtration - Model TT-1500


MAT TRICKLE FILTERS – WET DRY FILTRATION SYSTEMS are fixed bed, aerated, biological filters designed to convert the toxic, nitrogen waste found in aquarium water to non-toxic and easily removable byproducts. MAT Trickle Filters use an air blower to reinforce the presence of Oxygen inside the biotower. The use of Polyethylene (PE) bio balls provides the maximum surface area, not only for the microorganisms’ activity but also for the gaseous exchange process restoring the levels of CO2 and O2 to required values. MAT TRICKLE FILTERS range covers the TAN (Total Ammonia Nitrogen) Removal Rate needs from 30 gr TAN/day up to 1800 gr TAN/day and from 42kg up to 2600kg, of Max Biomass at 2% feeding ratio, per bio-tower.


The TRICKLE FILTERS, combined with other Aquarium LSS units is the ideal solution for Total Ammonia Nitrogen (TAN) Removal. MAT TRICKLE FILTERS are applicable to Aquariums, Aquaculture Facilities. MAT LSS manufactures and provides Trickle Filters for Aquariums Filtration Systems and Recirculating Aquaculture Applications.

MAT Trickle Filter products for Aquariums and Aquaculture – Wet Dry Filtration

Size: Custom made Trickle Filter Technology


MAT TRICKLE FILTER bio-tower, receives prefiltered aquarium wastewater and it trickles it through aerated solid media (PE bio balls). The media surface offers the layer onto which a biomass of suitable microorganisms is being attached and growing. These are the bacteria that remove the ammonia from the wastewater through chemical reactions in the presence of Oxygen reinforced by an air blower. The released energy is necessary for the bacteria growth and as well, the required amount of Oxygen represents the measure of the waste load to be removed, forming the crucial factor called BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand).

MAT design team has paid special attention for the TRICKLE FILTERS to maintain the conditions for maximum microorganism population growth and dead zone elimination. MAT TRICKLE FILTERS are the solution for high BOD Load, by maximizing the wastewater trickling surface, providing uniform mixing of wastewater & air and by infusing high Oxygen concentrations into the process.


  • Advanced TRICKLE FILTER design
  • Total Ammonia Nitrogen removal
  • Enhanced process stability
  • High BOD treatment capacity
  • Maximized trickling surface for the same vessel volume
  • The fixed solid media consists of polyethylene bio balls
  • Uniform air-water mixing by air blower and via proper chamber design
  • Control of Oxygen presence
  • Improved Gas exchange interface to restore CO2 and O2 levels in the water
  • Control of microorganisms’ health, growth, and activity
  • No filter channeling
  • Low head pressure loss
  • No filter clogs
  • No need of periodic backwashing
  • No problems due to sludge bulking


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