Trickle Filters – Wet Dry Filtration

MAT Trickle Filter products for Aquariums and Aquaculture – Wet Dry Filtration

MAT LSS manufactures and provides Trickle Filters for Aquariums Filtration Systems and Recirculating Aquaculture Applications.

Trickle Filters Specifications
Trickle Filter – modelDiameter (mm)Height (mm)Max media (m3)Max bioload (gr TAN/Day)Max biomass* (Kg)
MAT T-50050015000.255077
MAT T-75075018000.70139217
MAT T-95095020001.30257400
MAT T-1250125020002.20436680
MAT T-1500150020003.20634990
MAT T-1500L150025004.007921238
Max Biomass Note: %2 food per day
PE bioballs
Diameter (mm)Filter Area (m2/m3)Qty/m3 (Pieces)