Drum Filters
Drum Filter for Aquariums

Aquarium Drum Filters

The MAT Drum Filters are microscreen filters designed for herbivorous diet animals in zoos and public aquariums. They come with automated backwash and they have an optimized design for large flow capacity.

Drum Filters - Water Treatment

MAT Drum Filters feature:

  • Filtration without flow interruption
  • Filtration degree from 10 micron to 3000 micron
  • Manufacturing program: 1 m³/h – 4500 m³/h
  • No need for pressure
  • Available in stainless steel 304, 316, 316L
  • Very low water loss
  • Applications: Public Aquariums, Waterparks, Zoos, Water and waste water treatment, water supply systems, irrigation, cooling towers, pre-filtration systems, manufacturing, industry, aquaculture
Drum Filters for Aquariums MDF-802-PP
Drum Filter MDF-802-PP

Drum Filter Types

  • Automatic Filters
  • Titanium Filters
  • All Plastic Filters


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