Aquarium Engineering Services for Complete LSS Turnkey Solutions. MAT offers complete engineered solutions for Public and Commercial Aquariums. We cover everything from Design and Manufacture of the appropriate hardware, to Supply and Installation at your place.

Aquarium Filtration Systems

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Aquarium Filtration Equipment

Aquarium Filtration Systems & Equipment. Skid Compact Filtration Systems, Protein Skimmers, Ozone Generators, UV Sterilizers, Pressurized Filters, MBBR Filters, Trickle Filters and more…


Aquarium Engineering

Energy efficient engineering solutions for public aquariums and zoos. Complete process for turnkey projects. From Design and Manufacture to Supply and Installation.


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Most important completed and current projects of MAT LSS. MEP engineering and installation services worldwide. From public & commercial aquariums to theme parks and zoos.


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Here at MAT, you can address your specialty requirements and we will revert with an engineering solution that would be energy efficient, yet providing the means to achieve the optimal water quality. Our technology is vastly used in public and commercial aquariums all over the world.

We offer engineering solutions for turnkey projects. All those years we have tried our best to offer to our customers ultimate high technology and complete services and products.

Aquarium Engineering


Skid Mounted Compact Filtration Unit for Aquariums

Skid Mounted Compact Filtration Systems – Complete LSS Solution

Plug & Play skid mounted preassembled ALSS filtration units which include foam fractionation (Protein Skimmer), biological filtration, mechanical filtration, UV disinfection, ozone treatment and degassing functions. All in one complete LSS solution with the smallest footprint and lowest energy consumption. Suitable for 0,5 m³ up to 100 m³ livestock tanks.

Aquarium Protein Skimmer - Foam Fractionator

Protein Skimmers – Commercial & Industrial Foam Fractionators

The Protein Skimmers or Foam Fractionators are 2 min retention capable Plug & Play mechanical filters for public aquariums and are made of food grade PP. They come in standard sizes from 500m³/hr flow rate to units up to 5000m³/hr or custom sizes on demand. MAT Protein Skimmers have the lowest power consumption, lowest footprint, are 100% corrosion resistant and they are easy to use with Auto-Wash & Foam Level Control.

Aquarium Ozone Generator

Ozone Generators

Compact in size ozone generators. Easy and safe to operate with low life cycle cost. Maximum corrosion resistance. Suitable for any aquarium size.



MAT LSS is the one stop shop to cover the constantly changing demands of the public aquarium industry. Using field tested materials, resistant to high density salt environments, we promise to deliver Protein Skimmers, Ozone Generators, Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBRs), Trickle Filters, aquarium filtration systems and custom life support systems (LSS) of the highest quality in water treatment technology.

MAT uses components from Europe (EU) to manufacture Aquarium Life Support Systems (LSS) and it is the only company which has its own R&D facilities to test the produced equipment of the factory. The facilities are located at a large distance from the nearest source of marine water and our LSS are tested on any kind of aquatic living organism. That’s one factor of MAT’s success.

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