Deaeration Towers for Aquariums
Aquarium Degassing - Deaeration Solution

What are the Aquarium Deaeration Towers?

The aquarium Deaeration Towers (MAT DAT) are fixed-bed, aerated, biological filters designed to provide and enhance the gas exchange and nitrification process. Biomedia are installed inside the Deaeration Tower to offer the maximum surface area not only for the microorganisms nitrification activity but also for the gas exchange process for restoring the levels of CO2 and O2 up to the required values. The MAT DAT area advanced and much larger versions of the Aquarium Trickle Filters.

MAT DAT are fabricated from Polypropylene the appropriate material to withstand the harsh operational conditions of Aquatic Life Support Systems.

Offer, Use & Application of Deaeration Towers

The DAT equipment finds applications in Aquarium Life Support Systems, and in Recirculated Aquaculture Systems. If combined with MAT Filtration System Equipment are the ideal solution for TAN removal and improved deaeration.

Deaeration Towers Operation & Engineering

The Deaeration Towers receive prefiltered aquarium wastewater and it trickles it through aerated solid media (PE bio balls). The media surface offers the layer onto which a biomass of suitable microorganisms is being attached and growing. These are the bacteria that remove the ammonia from the wastewater through chemical reactions in the presence of Oxygen. The released energy is necessary for the bacteria growth and as well, the required amount of Oxygen represents the measure of the waste load to be removed, forming the crucial factor called BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand).

Aquarium Deaeration Tower
Aquarium Deaeration Tower next to a Protein Skimmer

MAT DAT design includes a service hatch on top, manway on the side, two grating layers to hold the biomedia packing volume stable inside the tower, level indicator, drain valve and mount tabs for overflow pipe supports on the external sides of Tower. The Unit is hydrotested prior the second layer welding and at the end of production as a complete product.

Assembly components are fabricated to maintain high resistance to corrosion from sea/saltwater in contact. The deaeration columns come with observation windows to monitor process and optional air feeding ports.

Aquarium Trickle Filters Trickle Filter Technology

Advantages of MAT DAT

  • Food grade PP with minimum thickness 5 mm for the body of tower
  • Side manway &observation window made from acrylic
  • Bolts & nuts from Delrin
  • Valves from uPVC
  • Advanced fixed-bed high performance degassing
  • Vacuum Flow Degas Technology
  • Skid mounted
  • Best contact efficiency
  • Maximum corrosion resistance


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