Moving Bed Biofilter Reactor – MBBR Filters

MAT Moving Bed Biotower (MBBR) Filters

Our Moving Bed Biofilter Reactors (MBBR) are made of exceptional quality and are offered at the lowest prices on the market. Moreover they are suitable for most large aquarium and aquaculture applications.

MODELPower (KW)Height (mm)Diameter (mm)Max media (m3)Max bioload (gr TAN/day)Max biomass (Kg)
MAT K-5000.4515005000.1684132
MAT K-7500.6918007500.45238371
MAT K-9500.8520009500.80422660
MAT K-12501.1200012501.357131114
MAT K-15001.85200015002.0010561650
Moving Bed Media
CellsDiameter (mm)Height (mm)
6 cells128