Moving Bed Biofilter Reactor – MBBR Filters

MAT Moving Bed Biotower (MBBR) Filters

Our Moving Bed Biofilter Reactors (MBBR) are made of exceptional quality and are offered at the lowest prices on the market. Moreover they are suitable for most large aquarium and aquaculture applications.

ModelTotal Power (kW)Max Height (mm)Diameter Ø (mm)Max Height (mm)Max Media (m³)TAN Removal Rate (g TAN/day)Safety FactorWater Inlet Level (mm)Inlet (mm)Outlet (mm)Water Outlet Level (mm)Max Flow (m³/h)Venturi Pump NumberVenturi Pump ModelBody Material
MAT K 5000.45164150017870.1384521420507511747144/12PP
MAT K 7500.69180075017750.2766216505090145035121/40-53PP
MAT K 10000.552150100021000.4621122181075125161975121/40-53PP
MAT K 12501.12000125024000.8120022100901401870115121/40-58PP
MAT K 15001.852000150026671.2295223501102252130145221/50-44PP
MAT K 20001.852000200031022.4600226601602502400400221/81-34PP
Moving Bed Media
CellsDiameter (mm)Height (mm)
6 cells128