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MAT MOVING BED BIOFILM REACTORS are biological filters, designed to efficiently enable the organic load degradation, either as a part of a Life Support System or more generally, as an apparatus to treat any Wastewater Treatment Process. The MAT MBBR bio tower, is made of Polypropylene, robust to withstand harsh operation conditions. The MAT MBBR range covers the treatment needs for Biomass load from 31 up to 850kg per bio-tower, utilizing low water volume and small footprint. The non-treated water stream is continuously mixed with air in the MAT MBBR, while the organic load is degraded biologically by microorganisms. This biofilm layer is formed on and in suspended polyethylene media.

MBBR Technology


MAT Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor is an advanced and complete solution for organic load removal. MAT Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors are applicable to Aquariums, Aquaculture Facilities Life Support System & generally to any wastewater treatment process.


The Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor receives the overflowed and loaded with organic pollutants from service facilities water, at its vessel base, leading it subsequently upwards through the moving filter bed, to be discharged on the top and inside to the reactor vessel. The polyethylene bio-balls surface is used for the moving bed biofilm layer of the microorganisms’ growth and activity. The microorganisms’ biofilm activity converts the organic load to NO3 is enhanced by continuous air injection into the moving bed volume. MAT special design has optimized the air mixing process through high pressure air injection and fine air bubble subsequent formulation.


  • Advanced Reactor design, Robust and Proper for saline water use
  • Combination of the advantages of fixed film and suspended growth process
  • Long Lasting Polyethylene moving bed media
  • Higher suspended biomass
  • Concentrations leading to long sludge retention time
  • Enhanced process stability
  • Small Biological Reactor volume
  • Smaller required surface for microorganisms’ growth and activity
  • No filter channeling
  • Low head pressure loss
  • Reduced sludge production
  • No need of periodic backwashing
  • No sludge bulking
  • Complete organic load removal
  • Compact Unit with increased treating process capacity


MODELDiameter [mm]Height [mm]Basic Unit Total Electric Consumption [kWh/hr]Supply Voltage 50Hz [V]Water
Level [mm]
Size [mm]
Level [mm]
Size [mm]
Max Flow [m³/h]Air Flow Rate [m³/h]Blower ModelBLOWER Driver ModelTAN Removal Rate with BM-1000 [gr TAN/day]TAN Removal Rate with BM-4500 [gr TAN/day]Max BM-1000 media [m³]Max BM-4500 media [m³]Body MaterialOVERFLOW SWITCHBIOMEDIA
MAT MBBR-50050013730.373~400/230117290872110154.710DL-MDEP66-0022 T31024240.170.15FOOD GRADE PPOPTONALOPTIONAL
MAT MBBR-75075017760.553~400/23015181401218160552015DH-MDEP66-0022 T329712330.490.42FOOD GRADE PPOPTONALOPTIONAL
MAT MBBR-1000100019780.553~400/23015852251285250802315DH-MDEP66-0022 T358724410.980.84FOOD GRADE PPOPTONALOPTIONAL
MAT MBBR-1250125022231.13~400/2301845250154528012044R30MDEP66-0022 T3103142871.721.47FOOD GRADE PPOPTONALOPTIONAL
MAT MBBR-1500150027752.23~400/2302259280195931522044K04TDEP66-0022 T3185477063.092.65FOOD GRADE PPOPTONALOPTIONAL
MAT MBBR-2000200028502.23~400/2302179315187935528095K04TDEP66-0022 T33384140705.644.83FOOD GRADE PPOPTONALOPTIONAL
MODELDiameter [ft]Height [ft]Basic Unit
Consumption [kWh/hr]
Supply Voltage 50Hz [V]Water
Level [ft]
Size [in]
Level [ft]
Size [in]
Max Flow [gpm]Air Flow Rate [gpm]Blower ModelBLOWER Driver ModelTAN Removal Rate with BM-1000 [oz TAN/day]TAN Removal Rate with BM-4500 [oz TAN/day]Max BM-1000 media [gal]Max BM-4500 media [gal]Body MaterialOVERFLOW SWITCHBIOMEDIA
MAT MBBR-5001' 8"4' 6"0.373~400/2303' 10"3"2' 10"4"662110DL-MDEP66-0022 T33.5914.944538FOOD GRADE PPOPTONALOPTIONAL
MAT MBBR-7502' 6"5' 10"0.553~400/2304' 12"5"3' 12"6"2428815DH-MDEP66-0022 T310.4643.49131112FOOD GRADE PPOPTONALOPTIONAL
MAT MBBR-10003' 3"6' 6"0.553~400/2305' 2"8"4' 3"10"35210115DH-MDEP66-0022 T320.7186.11259222FOOD GRADE PPOPTONALOPTIONAL
MAT MBBR-12504' 1"7' 4"1.13~400/2306' 1"10"5' 1"10"528194R30MDEP66-0022 T336.37151.21454389FOOD GRADE PPOPTONALOPTIONAL
MAT MBBR-15004' 11"9' 1"2.23~400/2307' 5"10"6' 5"12"969194K04TDEP66-0022 T365.39271.82816700FOOD GRADE PPOPTONALOPTIONAL
MAT MBBR-20006' 7"9' 4"2.23~400/2307' 2"12"6' 2"14"1233418K04TDEP66-0022 T3119.38496.2914901277FOOD GRADE PPOPTONALOPTIONAL
* MAT FILTRATION TECHNOLOGIES™ preserves the right to update anytime the listed prices (if any). Every effort has been made so that the above specs are accurate. However please contact our Sales Department for up to date technical data, electrical specs according to your regional requirements and current Ex-Works pricelist. The listed prices are for the basic equipment and do not include any optional components.

Moving Bed Media

CellsDiameter (mm)Height (mm)
6 cells128

Moving Bed Filtration - Material

  • Reaction tank: Polypropylene
  • Size: Custom made

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