Swimming Pool Filtration Systems for Drinking Water Quality
Swimming pool filtration systems for pure as drinking water quality

Swimming Pool Filtration Systems Engineering

Swimming pool engineering for commercial and private pools.
Engineering is important for either private or commercial and public swimming pools.

Our scope is to provide the engineering and technology to accomplish the most natural and clean, disinfected water in swimming pools. Swimming pool filtration systems represent an expense which often is overpassed when designing a swimming pool. Misleading data make people believe that the only important factor in a swimming pool is the chlorination. However we at MAT have the expertise, the technology and we know how to design, supply and install the appropriate pressure sand filters or AFM media filters in order to achieve the ideal filtration return ratio and optimum energy consumption to filtration capacity operation.

Our company cooperates with certified manufacturers to custom design pressure filters which operate at maximum efficiency with AFM media. AFM media technology by Dryden Aqua reassures mechanical filtration up to 4-6 microns while the AFM media itself is antibacterial, unlike sand. Moreover, AFM filters operate at 50% less flow, allowing for smaller pump operation, resulting in more economical operation.

Nowadays, there are alternative methods to disinfect a pool by using the Dryden method in conjunction with Ozonation and UV Sterilization. Specifically MAT has the ability to provide the SCADA systems and other measuring equipment to monitor and infuse the minimum needed chlorination agents. Hence, we achieve disinfection and at the same time we keep the swimming pool water perfectly safe for swimming. As a result the water quality is ideal for the skin, the eyes and the public health.

Swimming Pool Filtration Systems

Swimming pool filtration systems are significant parts of a pool circulation system and can be sized as per use and application to make sure the water quality remains uniformly crystal clear and healthy. Skid water filtration units are essential for commercial swimming pools and ensure a fast and trouble free installation. At the same time the quality standards remain at the highest level.

Complete pool filtration systems are suitable for:

  • High end residential pools
  • Public, commercial and resort pools
  • Interactive waterpark pools

MAT designs the pool circulation and provides the appropriate mechanical filtration and disinfectant media. Hence we guarantee that the bottom, the side walls and the surface of the swimming pool remain clean and slime free for long periods.

Each project has its own particularities. Before providing the appropriate swimming pool filtration systems we consider several factors. Those are sun exposure, wind, proximity to garden, distance from filtration room, usage intensity and other data. Our aim is offer the most technically accurate proposal to achieve the client’s expectations.

Swimming pool filtration systems for crystal clear water quality
A crystal clear water quality is the result of a complete swimming pool filtration system.

Water Treatment Technology

Our team is aware of the newest water treatment technology available today. Almost all of us have had a bad experience from harmful itchy swimming pool water. Designing and operating swimming pools is mostly based on chemistry and mechanical knowledge.

However our water technology chemists have access to the latest technology in chemical dosage and filtration capacity performance to design and specify the most appropriate filtration technology for each project. Specifically we achieve a non harmful chemical balance in swimming pool water. This balance is mostly based on proper levels of pH, Total Alkalinity, Hardness and Residual Chlorine.

To address and manage these parameters, our company uses elaborate SCADA connected dosing and monitoring systems. In addition swimming pool water testers are also available to perform manual operations. In addition our filtration solutions are operator friendly. Therefore the daily monitor procedure becomes a smooth routine.

Nano Cartridge Filters

Depending on each case and filtration circuit, we suggest the use of Nano Cartridge Filters. These smaller filters are ideal for high-residential pools of up to 90 m3. Main characteristics are the high quality filtration of 5 – 8 microns, the self-cleaning function and its small size. The Nanofiber filter is made of an innovative material that delivers better quality filtration due to its network of nanofibers.

Advantages of Nanofiber Filters

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Lower water consumption
  • Higher water filtration quality
  • Compact
  • Easy to clean
  • Dirt slow to build up without limescale
  • Compatible with current or existing filtration and pump systems
  • Replaceable cartridge

Swimming Pool Ozonation Systems

Water disinfection is the key treatment process for either public or private swimming pools. In each case the water is contaminated by swimmers and environment pollutants. The pollutants can be categorized as:

  • Microorganisms
  • Undissolved pollutants and
  • Dissolved pollutants.

For many years, chlorine or bromine based chemicals have been the standard disinfectants used in swimming pool water treatment. However, studies have proven that the use of these chemicals can have public health consequences. This happens due to the formation of reactions by products such as chlorinated organic compounds and chloramines.

The chloramines are responsible for eye, ear and throat irritation as well as the presence of a burning odor. Recent studies have shown that certain viruses, amoebae and cysts remain active at the chemical levels of common pool water treatment. Therefore, a combination of chlorination in conjunction with ozonization, reassures the optimum disinfection levels for commercial and public pools.

Currently the Ozone treatment is the latest technology to achieve bacterial and viral disinfection in swimming water.

Ozonation in Swimming Pools

The benefits of Swimming Pool Ozonation, in comparison to chloramines are:

  • Elimination of red, irritated eyes and dry, itchy skin.
  • No formation of dangerous byproducts.
  • Elimination of unpleasant chlorine or chloramine odors.
  • Minimization of harmful chemicals.
  • Ozone has a micro-flocculation property, therefore assists in better mechanical filtration when used with AFM and Dryden filtration system.
  • Excellent water clarity.
Filtration systems for crowded pools
Complete Filtration Systems are mandatory for crowded swimming pools.

Swimming Pool UV Sterilization Systems

A complete swimming pool filtration system includes UV treatment in relation with ozone infusion. This method is effective against all micro organisms, bacteria and viruses. Our Ultra Violet radiation units in the swimming pool filtration represent an alternative and environmentally friendly addition to chemical disinfectants and is the standard for most new pools. Specifically our UV systems work automatically to control pathogens, measuring UV lamp performance and radiation levels. Depending upon the pool volume, our team selects the UV unit by our Computational Fluid Dynamics software. This ensures optimum performance of operation. Moreover our UV filtration systems do not limit the disinfection only against certain micro-organisms. On the contrary they provide effective barriers against all known bacteria, viruses and pathogenic micro-organisms. Those include chlorine resistant organisms such as the Cryptosporidium.

Advantages of UV Systems in Swimming Pools

  • No alteration in pH
  • Significant reduction of spores, such as Guardia and Cryptosporidium, which are resistant to hypochlorite and chloramines
  • Water is non harmful to eyes, hair and skin
Benefits of UV in Pools versus chloramines
  • UV destroys all micro- organisms, pathogens.
  • UV radiation doesn’t have any residue and smell after treatment.
  • The operation of a UV system does not produce active pathogens as byproduct.