UV Sterilizers – HDPE Series

  • HDPE UV Sterilizers
    HDPE UV Sterilizers

    High Density Polyethylene

MAT LSS HDPE UV Sterilizers – (High Density Polyethylene UltraViolet Sterilizers)

MODELMax. flow rate (m3/h)No. of lampsIN-OUT connections (PN 6)Power consumption (W ± 2%)Electrical panel: dimensions (mm)Manual Wiper
PE 3311 ½” F40200x160x90
PE 5511 ½”F80200x160x90
PE 8822 ½”F80240x190x90
PE 151522 ½”F160240x190x90
PE 22223DN65260400x300x200
PE 35354DN80335400x300x200
PE 45455DN100400400x500x250
PE 60606DN100480400x500x250
PE 1101102DN150880400x500x300
PE 1501503DN2001300400x750x300
PE 2502504DN2501760400x750x300
PE 3403405DN2502180600x800x300
PE 4704707DN3003100800x1000x300
PE 6006008DN3503500800x1000x300
PE 83083010DN4004400800x1200x300
PE 98098012DN4505300800x1200x300

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Public Aquarium Disinfection Against Corrosion

HDPE UV Sterilizers

HDPE UV Sterilizers

HDPE UV Sterilizers are the most appropriate solution for sea water and other corrosive liquids. The material which is used for the UV reactor is HDPE (high density polyethylene) which consists a noncorrosive plastic. This material guarantees a long operation against the corrosion of the sea or thermal or aggressive water. They provide also excellent disinfection guaranteed by the high UV-C outputs lamps. The main application that can be used are public aquariums, aquaculture facilities such as fish farms, fish hatcheries & nurseries.

Specification Details
UV-C dose @ UVT 99% – 1cm>400 J/m2 (9.000-16.000 h)
Lamp lifespan9,000 – 16,000 h
Manifold materialHDPE high density polyethylene
Max. temperature35°C
Max. pressure 6 bar4 bar x PE830-PE980
Electrical supply230/240 V – 50/60 Hz
Electrical PanelLCD (PLUS) (PE3-PE15)
DS (PLUS) (PE60-PE980)
Configuration“Z” SHAPE (PE3-PE60)
“U” SHAPE (PE110-PE980)