Skid Compact Filtration Systems – Complete Solution LSS

  • Skid Water Filtration System
    Skid Water Filtration System

    Complete LSS solution where area matters

  • Compact water filtration System
    Compact water filtration System

    MAT Compact Systems include all appropriate LSS

  • All in one Skid Filtration System
    All in one Skid Filtration System

    MAT Compact Filtration Systems are suitable for Public Aquariums & Aquaculture

Skid Compact Filtration Systems - Complete LSS Solution

MAT Compact System – Schematics

MAT Skid Compact Filtration Systems present the ideal and complete Life Support System (LSS) and they are suitable for any specification of the public aquarium and aquaculture industry where area space is of the essence.

MAT Skid Compact Filtration Systems Features

  • Protein Skimmer / Protein Fractionator
  • UV sterilizer
  • Ozone Generator – Ozonizer
  • Oxygen Concentrator
  • Degasification Bio tower / Trickle Filter
  • Moving Bed Biofilter Reactor – MBBR
  • Multi purpose pressurized canister
  • Mechanical filtration PE socks
  • Venturi Pump
  • Feeding Pump
  • Automated Skimmer Cup Wash System
  • Automatic Foam Cleaner
  • Pumps Polycarbonate cover
  • Fuse box
  • Level Controllers
  • Flow controllers

MAT Skid Compact Filtration Systems Technical Information Data Sheet
Skid SystemTotal Power
Pump QTYSkimmer Dia.
Ø (mm)
Footprint (mm)Max Height.(mm)UV (m³/h)Max Flow
Ozone output
Biomass capacity
Recom. Aquarium
Canister cartridge
Bag filters (QTY)Outlet (Ø mm)Pump VenturiPump System
MAT Compact XS12315DependsDepends350.5102 to 515240OptionalOptional
MAT Compact 102,224001850 x 115019305101202 to 815Optional5021-40/5321-40/53
MAT Compact 202.825001950 x 1250201015172355 to 2020Optional6321-40/5421-40/54
MAT Compact 304,926302650 x 16002375223037015 to 3020Optional7521-40/5821-40/58
MAT Compact 40727503050 x 185025003545413025 to 4530Optional9021-50/4421-50/44
MAT Compact 751239503550 x 235028506175620050 to 10040Optional11021-40/5821-80/33 21-80/34
Skid SystemTotal Power (Hp)Pump QTYSkimmer Dia. Ø (in)Footprint (in x in)Max Height.(in)UV (gpm)Max Flow (gpm)Ozone output
Biomass capacity
Rec. Aquarium
Canister cartrige
Bag filters (QTY)Outlet Ø (in)Pump VenturiPump System
MAT Compact XS1.3421″1/32DependsDepends13.222.00.0182270.6 to 176.53.9620″1/8OptionalOptional
MAT Compact 102.9521″5/166.07 x 3.776″21/6422.044.00.0354470.6 to 2833.96Optional0″50/3221-40/5321-40/53
MAT Compact 203.7521″41/646.4 x 4.16″19/3266.074.90.0777176.5 to 7065.28Optional0″13/6421-40/5421-40/54
MAT Compact 306.622″1/168.7 x 5.257″51/6496.9132.10.11154530 to 10595.28Optional0″1/421-40/5821-40/58
MAT Compact 409.422″29/6410 x 6.078″13/64154.1198.10.14286883 to 15907.92Optional0″19/6421-50/4421-50/44
MAT Compact 7516.133″7/6411.65 x 7.79″11/32268.6330.20.214401765 to 353010.56Optional0″23/6421-40/5821-80/33 21-80/34

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Specifications Details UV: Water Flow Rate Algae & Bacteria 30,000 μWs/cm2 Canister Cartridge: Suitable for carbon/phosphate remover/zeolite Bag filters: 7”X16” 100 or 200 micron

MAT Compact Filtration System at Interzoo 2014
MAT LSS Skid Filtration System - INTERZOO 2014