Skid Mounted Compact Filtration Systems – Complete LSS Solution
Compact skid mounted aquarium filter with Protein Skimmer, Ozone Generator, SCADA, MBBR & UV. Complete biological & mechanical filtration.

Aquarium Compact Skid Filtration Systems

MAT Skid Compact Filtration Systems present the ideal and complete Life Support System (LSS) and they are suitable for any specification of the public aquarium and aquaculture industry where area space is of the essence.

MAT Compact LSS Units are designed to provide biological, mechanical, chemical, and disinfection filtration in the smallest footprint than any other alternative filtration. The unique design is energy efficient, running all filtration with only one low energy consumption Venturi fitted Speck pump. The Skid Units are gravity fed and are fitted with one main feed Speck pump. Uniquely designed for simple operation to achieve the best possible filtration, the Skid Systems are equipped with: High Performance built-in Protein Fractionator/ Skimmer and sludge auto wash system, Trickle Filter Bioreactor, Moving Bed Bioreactor, Multipurpose media canister – suitable for Active Carbon, Phosphate Absorption Media Bio-pellets, Ultraviolet Disinfection System, Ozone Generator System, Water Level Sensors with alarm, mechanical Flow sensors through all built in systems, Basic Functions Button Console, Venturi Pump, Feed Pump, IP64 Fuse Box and Steel 316 Bolts and Nuts.

Our skid units are manufactured in-house from Polypropylene plastic by SIMONA AG, offering robust fabrication, appropriate for heavy duty use, made to operate in saline and humidity conditions. All units come fully assembled and hydro tested for fast and trouble-free installation on site. For optimum mechanical filtration capacity, MAT recommends the addition of an AFM pressurized filter. By installing a Pressurized Circuit system next to the Gravity System circuit, the filtration achieves optimum tank circulation through its filtration, providing energy saving and less maintenance. Optionally, all systems may come with full automation capacity, SCADA, autonomous or connected to a centralized system.

Equipment Features

Skid Compact Filtration Systems - Complete LSS Solution
MAT Compact System – Schematics
  • Protein Skimmer / Protein Fractionator
  • UV sterilizer
  • Ozone Generator – Ozonizer
  • Oxygen Concentrator
  • Degasification Bio tower / Trickle Filter
  • Moving Bed Biofilter Reactor – MBBR
  • Multi purpose pressurized canister
  • Mechanical filtration PE socks
  • Venturi Pump
  • Feeding Pump
  • Automated Skimmer Cup Wash System
  • Automatic Foam Cleaner
  • Pumps Polycarbonate cover
  • Fuse box
  • Level Controllers
  • Flow controllers

CPT10-SW at Aqua Nor 2021

MAT KULING at Aqua Nor 2021 Interview with Kjetil Kolbeinsvik

MAT Compact Filtration System at Interzoo 2014

MAT LSS Skid Filtration System - INTERZOO 2014


Footprint Depth
C [mm]
Footprint Width
A [mm]
Skimmer Diameter
Max Height
B [mm]
Footprint with Sand/Glass Filter
Depth [mm]
N/A1079123513261685 approx. 2000  approx. 2600
Footprint with Sand/Glass Filter
Width [mm]
N/Aportable control pane w/ l 2245 - w/o 3100258029853995 approx. 4785  approx. 5586
Installed Power
Basic Unit Total Electric Consumption
Supply Voltage (50Hz)
Max. Sump Level
Inlet Level
Inlet Size
Outlet Size
Overflow Connection Size
Compact Unit Nominal Flow 
Max. Allowable TDH after compact
Max. Allowable TDH after compact with Sand/Glass filter
Balance Water Volume
Water Operation Level
TAN Removal Rate
[gr TAN/day]
Canister Cartridge Volume 
Uv Disinfection UnitUVC 1UVC 5UVC 10UVC 20UVC 50UVC 50UVC 100
Recommended Ozone Dosage
Pump Quantity
PS/MBBR Pump ModelDC Runner ECO 6.0 (400-015-032)44/421-40/53H21-40/54H21-40/5821-50/4321-81/34
Circulation Pump ModelDC Runner 9.244/1221-40/5321-40/5421-40/5821-50/4321-81/34
Sand/Glass Filter Body Diameter
Total Sand Media Capacity
Total Glass Media Capacity (EFGM)
GRADE-1 (kg)
Total Glass Media Capacity (EFGM)
GRADE-2 (kg)
Total Glass Media Capacity (EFGM)
GRADE-3 (kg)
Media Filter Valve TypeN/A5 way multiport valve5 way multiport valve5 way multiport valve5 way multiport valve5 way multiport valve5 way multiport valve
Dry Load
Operational Load
Carbon MediaN/Aoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Bag Filtersoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Bag filter Number
Sand filterN/Aoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Trickling mediaN/Aoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
MBBR Mediaoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Sump Level Controloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
PS Overflow SwitchesN/AN/Aoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
pH Probeoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
ORP Probeoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Temperature Probeoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Touch Screen Smart Transmitter For Probesoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Foam Collector AutowashN/ASolenoidSolenoidSolenoidSolenoidSolenoidSolenoid
Control BoardN/Aoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Control Board with PLCN/Aoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Passive Ozon DestructN/Aoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Makeup Water Automationoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
* MAT FILTRATION TECHNOLOGIES™ preserves the right to update anytime the listed prices (if any). Every effort has been made so that the above specs are accurate. However please contact our Sales Department for up to date technical data, electrical specs according to your regional requirements and current Ex-Works pricelist. The listed prices are for the basic equipment and do not include any optional components.

Standard Components Included with Every Configuration Setup

  • Compact Unit with Body
  • PS & PS Collector
  • MBBR
  • TF & Carbon Cartridge
  • Pumps
  • Internal Piping

Technical Scpecifications Details

UV:Water Flow Rate Algae & Bacteria 30,000 μWs/cm2
Canister Cartridge:Suitable for carbon/phosphate remover/zeolite
Bag filters:7''X16'' 100 or 200 micron

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