The Kraken is Captured and Displayed at Michin Guadalajara

The Kraken inside a tank at the public Aquarium of Michin Guadalajara
The Kraken inside a tank at the public Aquarium of Michin Guadalajara
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It’s a fact. The Kraken is captured and it is going to be displayed at the Michin Aquarium in Guadalajara. MAT is going to design, manufacture and install the complete ALSS for the new exhibit with completion scheduled for September 2024. The premiere display of the exhibit is planned for the first day of the upcoming IAC 2024 which will be hosted by the Michin Aquarium.

The Background

Le Poulpe Colossal
Le Poulpe Colossal

The kraken was supposed to be a legendary sea monster of enormous size, etymologically akin to a squid or octopus, said to appear in the sea between Norway and Iceland.

On the 16th of September 2023 a team of daring divers embarked on a journey that would etch their names into history. A mission that initially started as a fishing expedition near Kristiansund, Norway, encountered a species which they had never met before. After three hours of relentless pursuit, fueled by determination and curiosity, they succeeded in capturing what would later be revealed as the most elusive and mythical of creatures—the Kraken.

With great care and reverence, the divers crafted a plan to capture the Kraken, not out of malice or greed, but out of a desire to understand and preserve this marvel of the deep. Using their expertise and the latest technology, they ensnared the creature in a web of sturdy nets, ensuring that no harm would come to it in the process.

Thus, the Kraken was raised from the ocean’s depths and transported across oceans and continents to its new residence in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Where and how to witness it?

Michin Aquarium Guadalajara Mexico
Michin Aquarium Guadalajara Mexico

This year the International Aquarium Conference (IAC), is taking place in Guadalajara, Mexico, from October 27th to 31st at Michin Aquarium. The Kraken exhibit will be open to visitors and the local community on October 27th during the conference, providing a firsthand encounter with the extraordinary creature.

Cloning the Kraken for Sustainable Aquaculture

In the R&D laboratories of MAT-KULING, a pioneering company at the forefront of scientific innovation, a groundbreaking project is underway. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and AI-generated proteins, they embarked on a mission to clone the legendary Kraken, as a revolutionary step towards sustainable aquaculture.

With the world’s oceans facing unprecedented challenges, MAT-KULING sought to harness the genetic potential of the Kraken to provide mass seafood production for a growing population. By cultivating this magnificent creature in a controlled environment, they aim to alleviate the strain on marine ecosystems while ensuring a steady supply of seafood for all. The promise of a more sustainable future shimmers on the horizon, driven by the fusion of science, imagination, and the timeless allure of the sea.


Thank you all for your kind attention to this project, we hope you enjoyed it! We wish this were true but it is just an April fools’ joke!