Internally-Driven Initiatives Aimed at Fostering Robust Corporate Relationships

Stay Stronger Together
Yaren Berber and Gizem Akar at Dubai Safari Park with Pedro Ignacio Garcia-Miguel Gomez and Volkan Sorkun as part of the Stronger Together Project
  • Post last modified:December 6, 2023
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To enhance employee engagement, MAT launched the Stronger Together project. Two women from the Project Management Office, Yaren Berber and Gizem Akar, won a trip to Dubai as part of the initiative and as a reward for their ideas. During the trip, both visited two of the most important projects, Dubai Safari Park and SeaWorld Abu Dhabi as well as the MAT Dubai Offices managed by Nurettin Ersu. In their own words:

The visit to our projects highlighted the significance of internal work, communication, and cooperation. I was impressed by the diverse species observed in the aquarium, that we always study or hear about each marine life while we are chasing a project. Moreover, we had the opportunity to visit the machinery rooms and delve into operational intricacies. The experience’s value in enhancing my daily work and professional skills. I appreciate the opportunity offered by MAT.

Yaren Berber

I feel so glad to have noted the historical milestone of being one of the first women from MAT to visit a project site in nearly a decade. Winning the competition granted me the opportunity to explore machinery rooms and closely observe internally initiated projects, fostering immense pride in being part of MAT’s team. I would like to reinforce the team’s collective strength, affirming that we Stay Stronger Together!

Gizem Akar

The “Stronger Together” initiative, promoted by MAT’s HR, aimed to cultivate a sense of belonging among employees. The project seamlessly integrated coworkers from our headquarters, with each group tasked with presenting and introducing innovative ideas to enhance our YouTube content. The board conducted a vote to determine the best ideas, and the winning groups were awarded special prizes for their outstanding contributions, including a trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We congratulated the girls.