Istanbul Aquarium – Penguins Encounter

Istanbul Aquarium Penguins
Penguins in Istanbul Aquarium
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Istanbul Aquarium is the Biggest Thematic Aquarium of the World

Istanbul Aquarium (Florya Aquarium) is Turkey’s largest aquarium regarding the facility as well as the yearly visits. Its water volume is 6800 cubic meters and it includes 64 tanks. However the aquarium represents more than that since it is the biggest thematic aquarium of the world. It holds a leading position among worldwide aquariums thanks to its volume, its technology as well as its variety of fish species. Moreover it offers to the visitor 17 different theme routes and 1 rainforest to follow from the Black Sea towards the Pacific Ocean.

The aquarium includes an 1.2 km long travel route originating in the Black Sea towards the Pacific Ocean which hosts around 1500 species or 17000 land and sea creatures in total. Additionally the facility combines 2 5D movie houses with capacity of 15 people each, 3 cafeterias, 1 restaurant and 1 large gift shop. The whole visitor area is 6000 m2 large.

Aquarium Filtration Systems

It is known that the Istanbul Aquarium is managed by experts in their field and in compliance with international standards on every aspect. More than that, all living organisms inside the aquarium live in the nearest conditions to those of their habitat. The management team of the Istanbul Akvaryum has been working closely with MAT LSS for over 4 years and has been upgrading their filtration systems systems constantly. MAT LSS provided engineering solutions and products for better operation practices. The newest attraction is the Penguinarium and our engineering team provided solutions in a very small filtration room. The result is perfect water quality for the penguins without the use of any chloramines.

Istanbul Aquarium Project Photos


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