Hilton Salwa Resort Swimming Pools & Waterpark

Hilton Salwa Resort Swimming Pools & Waterpark
Salwa Resort

MEP Design & Swimming Pools

MAT LSS recently got awarded to provide MEP engineering services for the newest Hilton Salwa Resort at the State of Qatar. Moreover our company will supply and install all equipment for the swimming pools, aquariums, fountains, water slides and all aqua park facilities. The Hilton Salwa Resort is currently under construction. However this new mega resort is expected to be the largest of its kind in the Middle East.

Swimming Pool Water Treatment

The scope of our company is to ensure the quality of the filtration facilities as well as the pool fittings of the marine water swimming pools and the fresh water commercial pools. Our products and services will provide consistent quality of pool water with regard to hygiene, safety and aesthetics so there are no concerns regarding damage to human health, especially by pathogens. Specifically our work will fully comply with DIN 19643-1:2012-11, DM-PH&SD-P7-TG01 and DM-PH&SD-P7-TG02 standards.

Swimming Pool & MEP Design Department

MATLSS is currently developing a new dedicated engineering department for commercial swimming pools and MEP design. Having already in depth technological advantage on water filtration, we offer our technical expertise to design energy sufficient swimming pools and provide MEP designs for resorts, hotels and aquaparks. Municipalities around the world are currently structuring the specifications of commercial and public pools MEP design while they are emphasizing mostly on Health and Safety parameters. MATLSS is aware of all requirements and provides engineering services to meet and exceed the municipal standards.

Learn more about our swimming pool filtration systems and our dedicated engineering department.

Salwa Resort

The Hilton Salwa Resort includes 13 mechanical pump rooms and multiple swimming pools as well as various aqua park facilities such as wave pools and waterslides. The project will launch before the end of 2017 and we have already mobilized our team in Qatar.

Commissioning & Installation of the Filtration Systems

Work at Hilton Salwa Resort is in progress and the first equipment is already delivered and installed!

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