Lowest Power Consumption Protein Skimmers in the Industry

12 Protein Skimmers with the Lowest Power Consumption in the Market
  • Post last modified:February 2, 2023
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High Efficiency Protein Skimmers with the Lowest Power Consumption

Energy Consumption (↯) Fact: Only 7.7 Watt/m³ of Water.

Low Energy Consumption Protein Skimmers
Low Energy Consumption Protein Skimmers

MAT has grown to be the world’s most advanced ALSS & RAS equipment fabrication and specialty contracting firm. One of the 12 ongoing new equipment developments which we will be releasing in the near future is the improvement of the performance and the decrease in the power consumption of MAT Protein Skimmers.

The last few months our Research & Development Department, Hydraulic Engineers and Equipment Designers after extended research and field trials successfully upgraded and redesigned the marine water protein skimmers. The new High Efficiency (HE) Protein Skimmers consume 60% less energy over our old protein skimmers.

The more than 60% energy savings, in some models of the new MAT Foam Fractionators, are deriving from a new skimmer body design, new pumps and controllable flow rate. The Protein Skimmers are also more stable and easier in operation.

MAT PS-3000.660.3252.27
MAT PS-5000.90.4847.11
MAT PS-6301.10.554.82
MAT PS-7501.10.554.82
MAT PS-10001.850.6863.3
MAT PS-12502.641.3349.62
MAT PS-15005.282.6649.62
MAT PS-20009.46.3732.23
MAT PS-2000 L9.46.3732.23
MAT PS-23509.46.3732.23
MAT PS-26509.46.3732.23
MAT PS-300014.19.5632.23

100% Corrosion Proofed Foam Fractionators

Low Power Consumption Aquarium Protein Skimmers
Low Power Consumption Aquarium Protein Skimmers

Besides running at the lowest energy consumption available, the new HE bodies are 100% corrosion proofed. As already known we don’t use stainless steel in favor of composite plastic. There are no steel bolts or nuts anywhere at the body.

Lower Energy Consumption For Public Aquariums & Marine Hatcheries

It was time to answer back to our competition and their misleading claims. MAT Filtration Technologies offers Protein Skimmers / Foam Fractionators with clear and detailed specifications at incomparable prices in the public aquarium and fish hatchery market.

Quality Tested by an Independent 3rd Party

Recently the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA), which is Norway’s leading Non Profit Institute for fundamental and applied research on marine and fresh water applications, performed a field test on MAT’s freshwater protein skimmers and confirmed more than 70% particles removal at the outlet vs the inlet of the skimmers.

NIVA Results: up to 70% particles removal in freshwater protein skimmers
NIVA Results: up to 70% particles removal in freshwater protein skimmers

Today’s clients need reports on proven performance and results from serious independent authorities just like NIVA. Contact us today, to learn why MAT Foam Fractionators are years ahead our competition.