The Land of Legends – Rixos Theme Park

The Land of Legends Aquarium
The Land of Legends Aquarium
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Rixos World Theme Park in Turkey

Beluga Whales in Rixos World Aquarium
Beluga Whales Aquarium

MAT LSS is proud to announce that it has been awarded to engineer, manufacture, supply and install the complete Life Support Systems (LSS) for The Land of Legends Theme Park (by Rixos World Group). The project takes place at Antalya in Turkey. The Rixos Group of hotels, had substantial growth over the last years and counts 30 distinctive 5 star hotels and resorts around the world.

The Land of Legends Theme Park will be Turkey’s largest theme park, as it will cover an area which exceeds the 250,000 square meters. In addition its aquatic facilities will contain more than 35,000,000 liters of water. The project is going to offer unique and fascinating water features such as a dolphinarium, water slides and a sea trek aquarium. A huge aquarium restaurant, several wave pools and lazy rivers will transform in into the most fascinating place in Turkey.

it is worth mentioning that JRA provides concept realization, planning, and designing work for the park as weel as that the Rixos Group financed and managed the project. The Eco Theme Park concept is to create a family resort and theme park experience to exceed expectations.

The Land of Legends Filtration Systems

JRA, Jack Rouse Associates, is based in Cincinnati at Ohio of United States. The Wall Street Journal referred to JRA as “one of the world’s more prominent design firms”. Moreover the company is widely accepted as a multi-disciplinary firm. It company provides designs to conceive, visualize and realize unique audience and entertainment experiences around the globe. So EkoTemali park was designed to be Turkey’s largest Aquapark and represents currently, one of the largest investments on the entertainment parks field.

Rixos Aquarium, Theme Park

MAT LSS following the engineering specifications of JRA and TJP Engineering, a California based firm, developed the complete Aquarium Filtration Systems (AFS) for the new Rixos Theme Park. TJP has vast experience in designing water treatment systems for aquatic attractions and resort pools. Hence provides suitable environments for people, captive tropical fish, marine mammals and all aquatic animals kept in captivity.

Following the strict quality standards of the Rixos Group, and the guidelines of JRA and TJP, MAT focuses on providing the Aquatic Filtration Systems which respect the sensitive needs of marine mammals. Therefore MAT will ensure the excellent water quality for all the living organisms that would be housed at the theme park.

Construction of Rixos Eco Theme Park

The construction work has already started. MAT LSS will update the status of this project in the following months. The Rixos World Eco Theme Park, will open doors for the public before the end of summer 2016. Our aquarium filtration systems are currently under commission in Antalya and soon will provide the best possible quality for marine mammals. Moreover our LSS Technology will ensure the lowest traceable chloramines in the water and minimum fecal concentrations in comparison to other dolphinariums in the world. The yellow ARBO pumps are super energy efficient providing long, stable and hassle free low operation cost.

The Land of Legends Completion

The result is an animal friendly and eco friendly establishment. The water of the facilities is totally clean and includes zero Chloramines. The whole project is a 100% recirculating LSS system which doesn’t connect to the sea. Moreover the power consumption of its operation is very low. The total water volume is around 20,000 m³ or 5,000,000 Gallons while the total surface of all pools is around 11,000 m². The project required more than 10,000 meters of pipes and around 8,000 kg PVC Glue. It is worth mentioning that the operation of the facilities requires only two people technical faculty per shift. Occasionally it needs only 10 divers for complete maintenance and cleaning.

To conclude the area of the Filtration Room is around 2000 m² and the project includes among others 36 Sand Filters, 36 Pumps, 7 Giant skimmers and Skid Filtration Systems. In fact the diameter of the protein skimmers is 3 meters and their height is 6 meters. MAT LSS also installed the Ozone generators and other filtration equipment.

The Land Of Legends Theme Park - Rixos World

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