MAT is a Proud Member of the EUOTA

European Ozone Trade Association - EUOTA
MAT is a Proud Member of the European Ozone Trade Association - EUOTA
  • Post last modified:March 23, 2019
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EUOTA (European Ozone Trade Association)

We proudly announce that since January 2019 MAT FILTRATION TECHNOLOGIES has become a member of the EUOTA (European Ozone Trade Association). EUOTA, is an association of distinct ozone manufacturers who supply their products to the European market. The purpose of EUOTA is to pull together the numerous manufacturers of ozone generators into one organisation to create a functioning form for advancing issues relevant to the market participants for mutual benefit.

EUOTA leads manufacturers to market an ozone generator for a Biocidal application within the EU, since the product has to be authorised in accordance with the BPR to be active in the European market. Find out more about EUOTA here.

We are glad to be a part of EUOTA, as we are aware of the importance of the possibilities within the European market. This is another big step to MAT’s future accomplishments. Moreover it will enable MAT to provide better services under terms that will be transparent and commercially fair to its customers.

Ozone Generators

MAT is currently the most advanced and innovative water filtration systems manufacturer in the world. It has the ability to design and manufacture water filtration systems for any size facility in the aquarium, aquaculture and swimming pool industry. MAT Ozone Generators, on the other hand, are well designed and manufactured in-house to provide stable and actual ozone delivery in high humidity environments.

Certifications and Vision

Currently our company is CE, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2009 certified and our expertise secures correct hydraulic calculations, low energy operation while our products comply with the HSE, ANSI/APSP and DIN 19643-1 international standards. MAT is a member of AZA, EUAC and IAAPA communities. We know the importance of taking steps forward for becoming more transparent and more universal in all aspects.

To celebrate this event MAT offers a discount on our ozone generators until the 11th of January! Contact our sales team for more information regarding our offer.