The Ban of A4 316 Stainless Steel Bolts & Nuts

Plastic Bolts vs Stainless Steel
Plastic Bolts vs Stainless Steel
  • Post last modified:October 17, 2019
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Full Plastic Protein Skimmer
Full Plastic Protein Skimmer

The Era of Composite Plastic Bolts

ΜΑΤ FILTRATION TECHNOLOGIES announces the ban of A4 316 stainless steel bolts and nuts on all of its equipment. MAT has been testing, washers and nuts for over one year. The tests were performed on 5 times higher concentration of the ordinary ozone concentration on ambient air, ultraviolet radiation, chloramines and brine water.

Although the A4 components don’t get oxidized over time, the Inox washers don’t perform the same. It’s very common to find oxidized rusty washers after a few years on the ordinary facility pump rooms we install equipment. From now on, all MAT equipment is ALL PLASTIC.

Rusty Steel Equipment, Bolts & Nuts

The advantages of composite plastic in filtration equipment

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