The Heart of the New Aquarium of Mazatlan

MAT designs, fabricates and installs the LSS of the New Aquarium of Mazatlan
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Baris Mutkillioğlu, representing MAT, interviewed by NOROESTE explains why the Life Support Systems (LSS) are the heart of the New Aquarium of Mazatlan.

The New Aquarium

“It’s the design, the location, everything will make this place the best in Latin America, the species on exhibition, the companies in the world, the people involved, the place in a tourist area, it will be great for everyone,” the engineer Mutkillioğlu said about the new aquarium.

The heart of Mazatlan New Aquarium - Gran Acuario Mazatlán

Mazatlan New Aquarium Construction Video 2021

Education is one of the main objectives of the New Aquarium of Mazatlán, special tours are possible in the Life Support Systems area where the equipment is made and brought from Turkey. All the equipment is an integrated set that is located within the enclosure, part of which is not visible, but will keep the aquarium running.

“It is fantastic to be in a well-designed aquarium, which is completely new, the quality of the water is going to be excellent,” he affirmed about the project’s benefits, bringing marine species closer to the public that they did not imagine they could closely observe, such as sharks.

MAT & the Aquarium Filtration Systems

MAT Filtration Technologies since 2012 has been working with the largest aquariums. A well-designed Life Support System is one of the most important aspects in a modern public aquarium facility. The specifications of MAT’s delivered equipment are directly linked to the work of Kathleen Echeverria, director of Life Sciences of the New Aquarium of Mazatlan.

A complex compact skid aquarium filtration system
A complex compact skid aquarium filtration system

Having the right things in the right place guarantees the well-being of the animals. MAT has previous experience which demonstrates and simplifies the complexity of doing this job, between machinery installations and specialized equipment that measure levels of substances in the water.

“The LSS is basically equipment with complete systems to keep the animals alive and guarantee the well-being of the species in the aquarium. Without these, there is no other way to keep them alive here, hence they are the heart of the entire facility,” said Baris.

After the training of the local personnel MAT will return to its headquarters but will continue to provide support remotely and visit Mazatlan of course special occasions.

“The responsibility is big, since there is no margin for errors,” said, explaining that as the same way as human beings, if there was any alteration of the chemicals that being inhaled, it can produce fatal consequences, at the same way with the animals of the pool and the water.

Using electronic devices, such as tablets will be monitored the pH levels in the water, the temperature, among others, which will have alarms, in addition the system is connected and can be monitored from Turkey, and MAT team will come just for special cases.

Previous Experience in Latin America

MAT works over five continents and has completed projects already in Mexico. There are other aquariums in the country such as Puebla, Veracruz, and Guadalajara that use their equipment, and Panama, which had the first aquarium in Central America.

“We work on global projects, everywhere, almost all the projects are the most significant and from large firms in the world,” Mutkillioğlu explained, however, the New Aquarium of Mazatlán is very important for MAT and the other companies that come from all parts of the world.

Baris Mutkillioğlu interviewed by Noroeste at Mexico
Baris Mutkillioğlu interviewed by Noroeste at Mexico

Baris Mutkillioğlu has observed during his stay in Sinaloa, that people have taken care of every detail and ask daily when the place will open. Due to the emotion they want to know the aquarium.

Covid-19 made the challenge even bigger for both the aquarium and MAT, the transportation of the systems was one of the most difficult parts, it took between 2 and 3 months to reach Mazatlán since they left their company in Turkey.

Read the interview in Spanish here.

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