MAT Protein Skimmer PP 2400

MAT Protein Skimmer 2400
MAT Protein Skimmer 2400
  • Post last modified:April 10, 2019
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Large & custom protein skimmers

Custom Protein Skimmer Big Protein Skimmers by MAT LSS
Custom Protein Skimmer by MAT LSS

Our latest development in Protein Skimmers / Protein Fractionators the MAT PP 2400. This custom protein skimmer is one above the average size protein skimmers which are produced on our factory. This equipment saves space and is energy efficient in facilities such as Dolphinariums and large public aquarium pools.

Protein skimmers also can be used in land based Recirculating Aquaculture Systems and improve the water filtration efficiency while they can reduce the costs of fish hatcheries and fish farms. For applications where space is of the essence protein skimmers can be combined into skid filtration systems with other water treatment components as well.

Currently there are under development even larger protein skimmers from the MAT LSS factory. Please view our Commercial Protein Skimmers or contact us for more details.