Exporting Equipment to 35 Countries

Exporting Equipment to 35 Countries
Exporting Equipment to 35 Countries
  • Post last modified:April 10, 2019
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The profile of MAT LSS

MAT LSS manufactures and designs Aquarium Filtration Equipment and Aquaculture Recirculating Systems. MAT also provides engineering services to its clients. However it is important to realize that our company is being loyal to our customers and respects the mutual agreements and contracts. Moreover we deliver efficient equipment on time and in schedule.

Exporting Equipment all over the world

Up to the present time our company exports to more than thirty five countries all over the world. We cover from Asia and Africa to Europe and America. During the last week we shipped multiple containers for various projects all over the world. Among them are the Legoland water park at Dubai, the Michin Aquarium at Mexico, the Poema del Mar Aquarium at the Canary islands and other projects. This year only MAT LSS has shipped hundreds of containers and thousands of equipment to various destinations, including recirculating aquaculture facilities, theme parks, and large commercial aquariums.

We provide exquisite after sales support and we offer invaluable knowledge to our clients. In the final analysis the Return on Investment (ROI) of our clients is higher than estimated.