Awaza Aquarium & Water Park

Awaza Aquarium And Water Park area
Awaza Aquarium And Water Park area
  • Post last modified:April 10, 2019
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Awaza Project

MAT LSS will design and provide the Life Support Systems (LSS) of the Awaza aquarium (Avaza Aquarium) as well as the filtration systems of the Awaza Aqua Park (Avaza Aqua Park). The location of Awaza or Avaza is at the east side of the Caspian Sea, and 12 km west of Turkmenbashi city, in Turkmenistan. It is the most attractive destination and Dubai-style touristic zone of the area. Soon there are going to be built 15 more luxury hotels. Moreover an aqua park and two artificial Dubai-style islands will make this the most exciting place of the area.

Awaza Aquarium LSS & Aqua Park Filtration Systems

Avaza Aquarium represents the largest engineering project of our portfolio so far. The total volume of the basins is over 35,000 m³. Our scope is to provide a complete engineering solution for the waterpark filtration systems and the Awaza aquarium LSS.

This Mega Entertainment Aqua Park will have a large public aquarium, a sea trek aquarium and an underwater restaurant. In addition it will include many exhibits such as a Rainforest, a kayak stream river track, a huge waving swimming pool and a polar exhibit. We will add more amazing features in the next few months. The construction has already started. Keep tracking MAT LSS website news or subscribe to our newsletter for future project updates.