Crocodile Park – Mirdiff, Dubai

Crocodile Filtration Water Quality
Crocodile Filtration Water Quality After 3 Days of Commission
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Crocodile ALSS Filtration

A Life Support System (LSS) is an essential part of an aquarium system or an animal aquatic environment. As a whole it provides and maintains a high-water quality as required for livestock and guests in terms of physical/chemical parameters and water clarity. The Life Support System principle implemented to the Dubai Crocodile Park (Mirdiff, Dubai, UAE), is based on the fact that the filtration relies upon a biological support provided by mechanical, chemical and sterilization devices to ensure minimal water changes in a stable environment for the living organisms.

Dubai Crocodile Park ALSS Filtration

The scope of MAT Filtration technologies was the Complete ALSS design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and training of the park staff to properly use the equipment. The ALSS of the Dubai Crocodile Park is composed of two individual Pump and Filtration Rooms. The list of the filtration equipment is as follows:

At the image above you can see the water quality after 3 days from commission of the crocodile filtration systems.

Dubai Crocodile Park (Mirdiff)

Crocodile Park, Natural Environment with proper Crocodile Filtration
Crocodile Park, Natural Environment with proper Crocodile Filtration

The total volume is 45000 m³ of fresh water. The park will have worlds largest crocodile and fish aquarium, where visitors will have excellent underwater views of a depth, similar to that of a natural lake. Actually it will be the first time that visitors will have the chance to observe how crocodiles rest underwater and swim in their natural aquatic environment. The Mirdiff Crocodile Park park offers the unique experience to observe and take part in the complete life cycle of a crocodile, from egg hatching to crocodile feeding. A premium and high quality animal park for family education and entertainment.

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