20 Jun 2014
June 20, 2014

Future Fish EURASIA 2014 Outcome

Last updated on: June 20, 2014

We hereby thank you for visiting us at the “Future Fish EURASIA 2014” fair in Izmir. We have been delighted by the very numerous visits of our existing customers and at the same time a surprisingly high number of the new contacts we made on the aquaculture industry. Both visitors and exhibitors were attracted to visit our booth and have a close view on our products. Special interest attained our new MAT P-1500 (3.85m height) and the Compact system MAT PP-15000 which consists the ultimate choice on life support systems (LSS).

Future Fish EURASIA 2014

MAT LSS in Future Fish EURASIA 2014

The double level cylinder salt water aquarium with two different fish species of the Mediterranean sea (Sea bass 1st level & Sparus Aurata 2nd level) was a live example of MAT products in action during the exhibition. Once more MAT offers real and complete solutions to cover the demand of aquaculture needs and provides customized LSS that can give solutions to RAS applications. Take care until our next event.